Xi Atelier is a Glasgow-based, small, slow clothing brand which was founded in 2020 by Sophie Chen. Sophie is a designer/maker living and working in Glasgow with a passion for sustainability and well-designed clothing.

The brand’s methods are heavily focused on the slow fashion movement, prioritising quality production with long-lasting wearability and every garment is handmade to order - using natural fibres to reduce overproduction and waste. Their use of traditional craftsmanship is the antithesis of 'throwaway' fast fashion; actively working to improve societal and environmental conditions.

Xi Atelier's collection offers a range of styles which are versatile and can be worn in multiple ways, for various occasions all year round - maximising the garment's versatility throughout each season. Wardrobe sustainability enables the buyer to repeatedly wear and enjoy the same garment over and over, thus saving money in the long run. It also helps to reduce waste in clothing consumption overall and supports a much more sustainable approach to the overall cycle.